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My name is Linda Robinson.I created Global Elder Project as a way of sharing information about elders living in communities around the world, identifying their needs and working collaboratively and creatively to help meet those needs.

The first project was a benefit fundraiser for the Old and Infirm People's Home at the Doeguling Tibetan Resettlement Camp in Mundgod, India. I visited this home in February 2011 and had the opportunity to meet many of the Tibetan elders who live there. They were very happy to greet me and invite me into their rooms. I found the elders to be happy and engaged spinning prayer wheels and prayer beads, walking around the stupa and playing table games outdoors, or visiting with each other in the outdoor veranda. The rooms were simple and each had an alter with a photo of the Dalai Lama and other objects. The day I visited, the elders were especially happy because they had a visit with the Dalai Lama that morning. The manager of the home told me that they listen to his teachings throughout the day and said "It is due to Tibetan Buddhism prayers that they are happy from inside." I asked the manager what the elders neederd and she said told me that they needed some repairs done to the outdoor stupa, the door to the prayer wheel and the cover to the water tower. She also said that they could use a washing machine to more efficiently wash the elders' clothes. I told her that I would try to raise some money for the home. It was out of this commitment that I started the Global Elder Project and made this fundraiser my first project.


 The second fundraiser was held in April 2012 to benefit Tibetan elders living in resettlement camps in Mundgod and Bylakuppe, India.

The third fundraiser was held in November 2013 at Ginger Pomeroy's home.

The fourth fundraiser was held in November 2015. 

The fifth fundraiser was held in December 2016. Our 2016 fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you Ed Hioki for donating your beautiful hand-blown wine glasses for the fundraiser. We had a fun day making cards for each elder in celebration of Losar, Tibetan New Year. The cards were hand-delivered on February 27, 2017. Your generous donations provided funding for a caregiver for one year (see report on the funding report section) 

Most of the elders living here have no family members to take care of them. Many fled Tibet over 50 years ago. They are not able to return to their homeland. 

Global Elder Project Becoming a Non-Profit


 Introducing Global Elder Project Board of Directors: Linda Robinson, Lois Keiser, Geshe Ngawang Singey, Margaret de Faymoreau and Linda Lafaro.

We are in the process of applying for a 501(c)(3) so we can continue to support Tibetan elders and expand our work in other countries.  .We welcome anyone interested in joining our cause.

Thank you Steve and Earth Links Inc. ( for your support and guidance.